About Mrs. Martin

Hello! Glad to meet you. Seeing as you already know my name, I guess I don’t have to introduce myself.

But seeing as that’s all you know about me, let me paint you a little picture of who I am and what you can expect to find here.

My first name is Mallory. I’ve been teaching music for nine years. As a teacher, I am energetic, joyful, friendly, and creative. I say what I mean and I do what I say I’m going to do. Kids don’t “get away with stuff” in my classroom because they are having too much fun doing the lesson and either (1) don’t want to be naughty or (2) don’t have time to be naughty.

My ideas help teachers use technology. My ideas help students learn better. My ideas use clever new ways to do old, proven things. My ideas are steeped in thought for a very long time, and only come out when they’re good and ready to be shared.

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education. I am certified to teach K-12 vocal and general music. My master’s degree concentration was choral conducting, and I took Kodaly Level 1 as an elective during my final summer of coursework. I’d like to finish the Kodaly levels and take Orff and Conversational Solfege, too. That will take some time!

I have two young sons. My first was born in August 2011 and my second was born in September 2013. Being a teacher has made me a more effective parent and being a parent has made me a more understanding teacher. My husband is an engineer who comes up with great bulletin board captions!

My personal experiences (being a very busy mom!) have helped me be a more efficient teacher. I don’t have 80 hours a week to perfect my curriculum, so I have to be as efficient as possible in 45 hours per week. And, my professional experience has helped me find my teaching self. I’m no longer a blind follower of the most recent thing I’ve read. I have taken the best of everything I know and decided upon the route that is right for me and my students. I want my students to become musically literate and capable in the real world…That means not only teaching them how to read and perform folk and classical music but also how to understand, interpret, accept, and perform music that they will encounter in their lives, whether that be pop or some other genre.

I believe that the reason we teach is to make a difference in a life. To help a child develop into a well-rounded person. And to help students discover who they want to be.

Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Martin’s Music Room. I hope you find some great ideas!


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