Follower Freebie

Download these free worksheets as a thanks for being a loyal follower. (Link at bottom of post)



Today’s post is in celebration of reaching 100 followers on my Facebook page. (Check out my Facebook page over on the right. ——>)

To celebrate and to thank my followers, I want to offer a “forever freebie”–a brand-new product that will remain free for the rest of time. Or until the collapse of the internet and human society.

Doomsday aside, I hope you enjoy these worksheets. I developed them after a pre-test revealed that two to three students in each 5th grade class knew ALL of the line and space notes on both treble and bass staves. I didn’t want to waste those students’ time by having them sit through “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” so I developed an individual packet for them to learn the C Clef.


The first page is just for them to read. It teaches them what the C Clef looks like, what it indicates, and how to read the notes on the staff when it is located around the middle line as the alto clef.



The second page contains a review of the alto clef position, some hints on some of the letter names, and three lines of notes to name.

After students are done with the worksheet, I check their answers. If they have gotten 100% correct, I let them play the alto clef notes on “Staff Wars” on the iPad for the remainder of class.

Click the link below to download the full pdf version of both worksheets.



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