Crayon Jars

How to create your own crayon jars for easy and quick classroom coloring.


Step 1: Drink coffee.
This one is easy. 😉

Step 2: Discard lids and wash bottles.
They are dishwasher safe.

Step 3: Remove labels.
Peel the labels off. There will be a residue from the adhesive. Remove it by soaking in Goo Gone and wiping with a soft cloth. Wash again to remove Goo Gone.

Step 4: Fill with crayons.
Each bottle can hold 24 full size crayons. I got the crayon boxes for $1 each at Office Max.

Step 5: Decorate cartons.
I picked up some cute wrapping paper at Staples. Wrap the boxes just like you would with a gift.

Voila! Cute crayon holders that are easy to collect and distribute and easy for students to use!


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