More Love for Back to School!

There is a bonus sale Wednesday on! The promo code is “MORE15”. This is your second chance to pick up those things on your wish list if you missed this month’s previous sale. Couple that with TpT credits you’ve stored up from leaving feedback, and you’ve got yourself a DISCOUNT!

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Here are some products that would be great buys during the sale.

1. Orchestra Instrument clip art by Dancing Crayon Designs

I love Dancing Crayon’s clip art. The music collections are always very thorough, never leaving anything out. And all of the instrument images are “anatomically correct” so you never have to worry about accuracy or confusion between two similar instruments. The orchestra instrument clip art collection would be perfect for making instrument flash cards, instrument labels, games for an instrument unit, or illustrations for a digital or printed instrument unit. This one has been on my wish list for a while and I think it’s time to buy it!

2. Poke Sheet: Music Symbols by Mrs. Martin’s Music Room

I am SO excited to announce the newest addition to my Poke Sheet collection: music symbols! This worksheet is best used as a review of common music symbols for upper elementary or middle school students. It includes music symbols that most students learn in first or second grade: treble clef, repeat sign, crescendo and decrescendo, quarter note, two eighth notes, quarter rest, half note, piano, forte, etc. The student views a row of music symbols and pokes holes through the ones that don’t belong. Then, on the back of the paper, they must add up the holes in columns to reveal a secret message. The complexity of the worksheet makes it a fun and engaging way for older students to review a somewhat simple topic. Or it can be used as a favorite sub activity! I have more Poke Sheets to come, so keep watching for them!

Now head back to Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room by Aileen Miracle or Music a la Abbott by Amy Abbott to read about more great products on the TpT sale, and see the bottom of their blogs for links to even MORE blogs doing the same!

More Love for Back to School

Love Back to School! Wish & Dish, TpT Back to School Sale

I am so excited for back-to-school season! I miss my students and I can’t wait to share some new things with them this year. The best part: everything will be on sale for the next few days!


Today I am going to list a few things that I’ve been “wish”ing for, and then I’m going to talk about how you can “dish” about the products you’ve bought online.


Products Worth Wishing For

1. Beethoven Grab Bag from Mrs. Martin’s Music Room

This super fun game of mine has students drawing fun facts about Beethoven out of a paper lunch bag and guessing if they are true or false. It is so engaging! I’ve done this for years but this is the first time I’ve dressed it up by making it on the computer. It’s always a hit with my second graders. For big kids, I will add some question/answer cards and put them in a hard hat: “Beethoven in a Nutshell”! Get it? Hard hat? Nutshell? Hee hee. They will compete in teams for points and I can always manipulate points based on behavior…*evil laughter*

2. Sneaky Singing Snails from the Totally “Tuned-in” Teacher

I love it when kids are practicing a music skill while playing a game. They love the game and I get some formative assessment! I’m excited to try this new product from the Totally “Tuned-in” Teacher. It is so creative! Students are going to love the mystery. It will be a great review of So, Mi, and La for my second graders, and later this year I’ll get to use it with first grade!

3. Music Notes Clip Art Set from Cosmic Dog Designs

I am so impressed by Cosmic Dog Designs. His clip art is quirky and fun and very unique. I love it so much I’ve used one of his music notes in my logo! These music notes are going to look great on my digital products. I’m also thinking of printing off some large ones to use on my bulletin boards. What an eye-catching set!

Show Some Love by Dishing about Your Downloads!

When you purchase a product on TeachersPayTeachers, please remember to leave feedback for the seller. It’s reasonable to wait a few weeks until you have had a chance to fully view or use the product. Then, give an honest rating and write a short review. It is essential to sellers to know what buyers think of their products. The more ratings and reviews, the better the products will be! Plus, you get credits from writing reviews that you can put toward future purchases.

Thanks for stopping by Mrs. Martin’s Music Room! What product are you looking forward to using this year? Answer and post a link in the comments section below!

Then, click around some other blogs participating in the “Wish & Dish” linky party to make your wish list for the big TpT sale!

Back-to-School 2015

Here are three great new ideas for Back-to-School 2015!

1. Personality Bingo

Personality Bingo ImageI print off 4×4 bingo sheets with different descriptors in each box. The descriptors includes statements such as, “Someone who is colorblind.” “Someone who has never broken a bone.” “Someone with braces.” Everyone in the room gets the same sheet. You walk around the room and ask people about themselves. When you find someone with a characteristic that matches one ofthe boxes, you hand them your paper and have them sign their name in the box. You continue until most people’s sheets are full. This activity is great because it involves both the extroverted and introverted students. The extroverted students love the chance to walk around and talk to everyone in an unstructured environment. The introverted students appreciate that they only have to talk to one person at a time and that the conversation topics are already provided. You can easily make your own or you can take a look at this one I’ve already made for you.

2. Beethoven Grab Bag

BGBCoverWrite different fun facts about Beethoven (include both true and false!) on small cards or pieces of paper. Fold them and put them in a paper lunch bag decorated with music notes. Hold the bag out to a student, have him or her draw a card, read it out loud, and guess if the statement is true or false. The more unique the facts you include, the more fun the kids will have! I would include about 16 cards for a class of 25. You can put the cards back in the bag and allow them to be read more than once so that everyone gets a turn, or you can just let 16 kids have a turn and do it again the next class period as a review, letting the remaining kids have a turn. If you don’t have the time to make it yourself, check out this one I made for you. There are 18 true/false cards, 18 question/answer cards (with the same facts as the T/F cards), blank cards for you to make your own, clip art for decorating your bag, and ideas for other fun games. Try “Beethoven in a Nutshell”: Put the facts in a helmet (the “nutshell”) and have kids compete for points in a team game!

3. Beethoven Poke Sheet

PSBCover.001This amazingly fun activity allows, no, REQUIRES kids to POKE HOLES in their paper! My room is carpeted and kids have been doing this for years. I’ve only just now realized I can make it into a fun, productive activity! The worksheet is filled with true and false statements about Beethoven (the same ones I’ve included in my Beethoven Grab Bag) next to black dots. The students select the correct answer by poking their pencil through the paper on the black dot. On the back of the page, correct answers (holes) reveal the code to a secret message. If they do the assignment correctly, they will get the message! It was time-consuming to create but I know it’s going to be a hit.