Free Turkey Clip Art

Just in time for Thanksgiving, download your free turkey clip art here!


Click here to see my full file available on It includes a full turkey body (which you can download for free below), an empty turkey body with no feathers, nine colored feathers, and all of the above in blackline as well.

This file is great for Thanksgiving-themed games because the feathers are removable and come in nine colors. You could print and cut out the feathers and body and play a “pin the feather on the turkey” game. You could put two of each¬†feather in a box and have students draw one out to select partners. You could use them in a SMART Notebook file and have the feathers disappear to reveal a question from a unit you are teaching. What other ideas do you have? Leave a comment below.

And because I like you, here is the full turkey body image to download for free. (Click on image to load bigger version, then right click and select “Save Image As”.)


Happy Thanksgiving!


Seasonal Songs, Games, and Clip Art

It’s time to think about holiday lessons!


Though it may feel like school only began, it is the time of year when teachers think about holiday songs and activities. October has Halloween, November has Thanksgiving, December and January have all the religious and cultural holidays such as Christmas, Eid, and Hmong New Year, February is Valentine’s Day, then there’s St. Patrick’s Day, spring, Easter, May Day, Flag Day, and summer! Heck, you could do themed lessons all year and not run out of material!

Here are some of my offerings to add a little “seasoning” to your teaching “entree”!

TurkeyFree Turkey Clip Art

There is one full image of a turkey, as well as a blank turkey body and some loose feathers. You also get a black line version of the designs. It’s great for creating your own games, visuals, or worksheets.


I Have a Little Snowman: Interactive Song Game

I’ve been waiting for years to unveil this activity on TpT and it is finally here. I created this around 2007 as a way to introduce the song “The Snowman” to my Kindergarteners. At that time, I had a projector on a cart, a borrowed laptop, and a plain dry erase board. But the kids still loved it! The addition of a SMART Board has made this activity much smoother and it remains an annual hit with my younger elementary students. Watch a video demonstration here.

What are your favorite seasonal activities? Leave a comment below!