Free Turkey Clip Art

Just in time for Thanksgiving, download your free turkey clip art here!


Click here to see my full file available on It includes a full turkey body (which you can download for free below), an empty turkey body with no feathers, nine colored feathers, and all of the above in blackline as well.

This file is great for Thanksgiving-themed games because the feathers are removable and come in nine colors. You could print and cut out the feathers and body and play a “pin the feather on the turkey” game. You could put two of each¬†feather in a box and have students draw one out to select partners. You could use them in a SMART Notebook file and have the feathers disappear to reveal a question from a unit you are teaching. What other ideas do you have? Leave a comment below.

And because I like you, here is the full turkey body image to download for free. (Click on image to load bigger version, then right click and select “Save Image As”.)


Happy Thanksgiving!


I Have a Little Snowman: an Interactive Song Game

This fun and engaging game helps students learn a song in a new way while practicing the skills of sequencing, memory, and communication.


It is almost winter! Here in Minnesota, snow is definitely on our minds, although it hasn’t fallen yet. We are used to wearing parkas with our Halloween costumes so now is the time when we buy our winter hats and mittens to prepare for those first few glistening flakes.

Even if snow is a long way off for you, or won’t fall at all where you live, this game is a fun way to celebrate winter and get kids singing and moving.

You begin by singing or playing the song while clicking through the hand-drawn illustrations. You can even use the “Rehearse Timings” feature to get Powerpoint to automatically change slides for you at the right time.


Then, all of the images pop up, but they are all in the wrong order! A student comes up to the board and taps (or clicks on the computer) the image they think came first.


When the right answer is chosen, it appears with the word “Yes!” You review that portion of the song with them and teach them how to sing it. Continue this way until all the images have been chosen.

Then, the class knows the song! You show the illustrations again as the students sing along with you. They will beg for this game over and over.

Watch this video for a demonstration:

You may download this product from Mrs. Martin’s Music Room at